A new blog!

Well hello there!

It’s been a while since I sat down at a computer and actually wrote something even halfways productive. Lately my forté has been sharing recipes and various other things on Facebook; nothing new or exciting, and it’s left me feeling a little restless. My inner author has been begging to be unleashed upon the world! *Disclaimer: she’s NUTS*

So here it is. A new blog for your reading pleasure. Tales of my pregnancy-related neuroses (there are a LOT), baby planning shenaningans, and once the newest little  man in our family arrives there will be all kinds of other updates! We’re also getting married in just under 2 years, so be expecting wedding planning posts as well!

On the topic of my various psychological issues; nesting. The phenomenon is real, folks. I’m not a terribly messy person usually, but I’m also not a neat freak either. Recently however, I’ve become obsessed with cleaning. I can’t rest until the dishes are done, there can’t be any more than a single load of laundry in the basket…. you get the point. It doesn’t stop there either. My poor family is being forced to clean too! The humanity. It’s very interesting though, because I can be in the WORST mood, and then I do some housework and turn on the Scentsy warmers (if you haven’t discovered the glory that is Scentsy, do yourself a favour and visit http://www.shaunamanning.scentsy.ca) and suddenly the world is a better place. Tres strange, yeah?

But I digress, this should be enough for now, watch for my next post! Also, following me on Twitter is a GREAT idea @RobynRages

Ciao bellas!