My Cloth Diaper Addiction

Hello. My name is Robyn, and it has been 2 days since I bought a diaper.

When we found out that we were expecting Dorian, I quickly decided that this time I was going to do cloth diapers. It was something I wanted to do when Hunter was a baby, but circumstances didn’t work out in my favour. This time though, we’re much more stable in every sense of the word, so the decision was made. Little did I know, what I was in for.

Research started pretty soon, and I discovered that there are probably 75838276472818 different ways to cloth diaper, with almost as many brands to choose from. Looking for something easy to use, without a whole lot of technique needed, that would be easy on the bank account proved easier than I initially thought it would be. Pocket diapers with inserts were what we ended up going with, and that’s when the addiction really began.

Once we knew what we were going with, further research was needed to determine how best to care for them. Having used our own homemade laundry detergent for years, I presumed that it would also work just fine for diapers. I was mistaken. Upon joining the Fluff Love University group on Facebook, my news feed was FLOODED with cloth diaper troubleshooting questions; problems ranging from leaks, ammonia/barnyard stink, wash routine tweaking, nighttime solutions, and everything in between. It was a lot to take in. Soon though, I realized that getting help was exactly what this group was created for. Reading the comments on other people’s posts proved to be educational, and all the files for how to care for your cloth were easy to understand and follow!

Now that I knew what to buy, and how to take care of them, I was ready to start building my stash! A Co-Op group on Facebook was running a diaper buy for a brand called Alva, and they have pocket diapers galore. Alva, along with several other brands fall into a group known as “China Cheapies”, entirely because the companies are based in China and the diapers are extremely inexpensive. So I went and picked out 15 different prints/solid colours and bought enough 3-layer bamboo inserts to double stuff if necessary. When they arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas! I could hardly wait to wash and stuff them to get ready for my little squish to wear them! And then, a family member who had also done cloth, offered me some of her stash to use; elated is not a strong enough word. By the time all was said and done, I had a stash of 30 diapers, plus inserts. Now I just had to wait for the baby.

Dorian was born, and he ended up being smaller than we expected; though very healthy, and really, that’s the main thing. We used disposables in the hospital, with the plan of getting him into cloth as soon as we got home. That didn’t happen. My sweet little squish had skinny little legs and a round belly, which meant that the trick I planned on using to get our stash of One-Size diapers to fit him as a newborn didn’t work. Oh well, c’est la vie. We kept trying as he got bigger, and by the time he was about a month old, we were able to get a good fit! Since then, we have learned a lot! Obviously different brands will fit differently, and sadly one of the brands included in the second-hand diapers we got didn’t fit him well. No matter what we did, he leaked. The other brand in the  second-hand stash were sized, and he grew out of them so fast that he only wore them for about a week. Those two things cut our stash in half, but me being stubborn, figured that 14 diapers would be enough for a while, that I would just have to do laundry every second day and keep using disposables at night. After a little bit, I decided to order some more inexpensive diapers from a website that sells unbranded Alva’s. Our stash of day-to-day diapers is now up to 20, and I’m still doing diapers every second day, but it’s really not that much work.

My problem now, is that a friend of mine introduced me to a brand of Canadian diapers, which have ridiculously cute prints. The problem lies in the fact that each diaper is on average $30. Compared to $6 for Alva’s, it’s quite a jump. But honestly, I can’t help myself. I see a cute one on the Buy/Sell/Trade page and I can’t help myself. Especially since Ella Bella Bum/Bella Luna (they recently underwent a rebrand) have so many nerdy prints. I saw a Star Trek diaper, and immediately made it my mission to own it. For the record, I have obtained it, and cannot wait until Dorian is big enough to fit them; about 15lbs is where they start fitting well, and he’s just shy of 12lbs as of his last check-up. The good part about this particular brand though, is that they maintain their value! As long as the elastics are springy, no stink or stains, and the material is in good condition, most people can destash and get back what they paid in the first place. This is my saving grace, because the addiction is real. I have however, decided on a self-imposed limit on the EBB/BL diapers. No more than 8. If I see one I want, I have to sell one before I’m allowed to get it. Hopefully this will help!

Today I tallied up how much we’ve spent on just diapers and inserts, and compared it to the cost of disposable diapers. Now, this isn’t taking the added cost of power for the diaper laundry, but as of now, it will take 22 weeks of use before my stash will start saving us money. Plus it’s better for the environment, and having a cute diaper on is much nicer than an ugly disposable!

Ahoy! Check out my super cute fluffy bum!

We’ve now been exclusively in cloth during the day for close to 6 weeks, and I think it’s great! Not only are the diapers cute, but some of the Facebook groups are great, supportive communities. Mom’s helping other Mom’s in all sorts of ways ❤ and look at that, I’m right back to how important mental health is! Even if they’re just names on a screen, sometimes people will surprise you with how much you are truly loved.