DIY Project: Word Wall

Early in the school year, we figured out that reading would be a struggle for Hunter. It’s just not something he’s interested in. From September to June he gets immersed in it at school, and we work on things with him in the evening. Now it’s Summer Vacation, and it’s all on us. 

Flash cards have proven ineffective, but he always talked about the Word Wall in his classroom, so an idea was born! Little did I know how much effort this would end up being. 

The first thing I did was go on to the class website and write down all of the words on the Sight Word list. All 179 of them. 

Once that was done, I went through and wrote them all down, sorted alphabetically. 

Then came the tricky part. In order to make sure everything would fit on the Bristol Board, I counted how many words there were for each letter, and played around with different configurations

After all of that was done and I knew roughly where everything was going to go, work on the Bristol Board began! Lines were drawn to make a chart.

The chart was filled in with the words written in pencil.

I traced over the words with assorted colours of marker, in his favourite colours! 

Lastly, I attacked the whole sheet with an eraser, to get rid of the lines and all the pencil smudges.

Voilà! A lovely, colourful Word Wall that seems to be working really well so far! The colour separation seems to help him find the words he is looking for easier! Only time will tell if it works in the long run, but this was actually a really fun project to do, and I can’t wait to do more! 


A Review: OPI Nail Envy Colour (Samoan Sand)

Hello there! 

I know I promised a post about the Word Wall, and it is coming, but I just tried a new product today and HAD to write a post! 

Being a busy Mom, I don’t usually have time to do my nails. This was something that I did on a weekly basis prior to Dorian being born, so it’s kind of a bummer. But, it does mean that special occasions are even better because it gives me an excuse to do them! Generally if I have anything on them theses days it’s the Original Nail Envy; it’s clear so I don’t notice the chips as much. Since we’re going to a wedding tomorrow, I took the opportunity to try out the new Nail Envy Colour in my favourite nude shade ever; Samoan Sand. 

After three coats (what I typically use with my regular polish in this shade) there is nice even coverage, and no streaks. Once it dried, my nails feel very strong and not overly thick at all. 

Overall, I would call this a win and recommend it to anyone who is also a fan of Original Nail Envy. My bottle was purchased from Maritime Beauty, a local wholesaler, but I imagine that it can be found at any Spa or Nail Salon for less than $15.

*Please note I did not receive any compensation for this review*

A letter to my boys

Dear Hunter & Dorian,

I love you more than anything in the entire universe, but it’s not always easy to be your Mom. Please, let me explain before any judgements are made. Right now, the reasons are different for each of you, but as you continue to grow I’m certain that they’ll meet up somewhere. 

Hunter; my little Bear. You are my biggest challenge. Probably because we’re so much alike! You’re stubborn and defiant, which makes the majority of things difficult. Even if your Dad and I are suggesting something you definitely want to do, you have a habit of resisting just because you can! I won’t even get into what happens when we suggest something that you don’t want to do. Some day I hope you’ll understand that all we want is to help you be the best person you can be. 

Dorian; my tiny little Prince. You’re still so little, but that doesn’t stop you from being a big handful! For the most part, I couldn’t ask for a better baby, but that’s probably what makes the hard times even more difficult. What I’m looking forward to the most right now about you growing up is being able to tell me what’s wrong; when you cry and we don’t know what’s going on, my heart breaks every time.

Sometimes I know I’m not the best Mom. And you know it, too. Then you lay some knowledge on me, and the sun peeks through the clouds. 

Yesterday was a difficult day, and I apologized to you for not being the best Mom, and you said something that was so unexpected that I started to cry. You looked at me with those big blue eyes that look so much like my Dad’s and said “It’s alright Mommy, you can start being better now!”. This gives me more hope than anything else you possibly could have said, because it shows me that you understand that I’m trying my best. Even when I don’t think my best is good enough, you know different.

You are both my greatest gifts, and struggles or not, I wouldn’t change a thing.