A Review: OPI Nail Envy Colour (Samoan Sand)

Hello there! 

I know I promised a post about the Word Wall, and it is coming, but I just tried a new product today and HAD to write a post! 

Being a busy Mom, I don’t usually have time to do my nails. This was something that I did on a weekly basis prior to Dorian being born, so it’s kind of a bummer. But, it does mean that special occasions are even better because it gives me an excuse to do them! Generally if I have anything on them theses days it’s the Original Nail Envy; it’s clear so I don’t notice the chips as much. Since we’re going to a wedding tomorrow, I took the opportunity to try out the new Nail Envy Colour in my favourite nude shade ever; Samoan Sand. 

After three coats (what I typically use with my regular polish in this shade) there is nice even coverage, and no streaks. Once it dried, my nails feel very strong and not overly thick at all. 

Overall, I would call this a win and recommend it to anyone who is also a fan of Original Nail Envy. My bottle was purchased from Maritime Beauty, a local wholesaler, but I imagine that it can be found at any Spa or Nail Salon for less than $15.

*Please note I did not receive any compensation for this review*


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