The ball is rolling

After over a year of waiting for an appointment that has so far not come, we took matters into our own hands. 

Today was our first appointment with a Psychologist​ to discuss Hunter and his struggles. 

We’re a long way from any kind of conclusion, but we’ve got some research to do and some appointments to book. To start with, he’s getting an eye exam as soon as possible and we’re looking into finding an Occupational Therapist who specializes with kids. 

It’s not much, but a start is a start! 



Thirsty Thursday: Vol 2

As promised last week, another edition of Thirsty Thursday! 

Today was a special kind of hell (NO Autocorrect, I did NOT mean he’ll)

Someone made me cry

I had to give them bad news, which clearly they did not take well. Since I can’t get into any details AT ALL that’s kind of the end of the story, but fear not! 

A Nova Scotia Cider is this week’s test subject! Bulwark. Apparently it’s hand-crafted; my tongue can’t tell the difference, can yours? 

The label looks nifty

It’s pretty good! Not too sweet, nice crisp finish. There were other flavours available besides the Original, and they all sounded​delicious. Perhaps I’ll go through them all to find my favourite? 
We shall see! 



Every parent has their own version of what I call “Mom-Guilt”. Regardless of what you call it, or if you even acknowledge that it’s there, we all have it. 

That little voice inside your head telling you it’s not enough. That you’re not enough for your kids. That you don’t do enough for them, or with them. 

It highlights everything that you’re ​sure you’re messing up on​, and tries to convince you that you’re right. 

Today my Mom-Guilt is LOUD. 

The struggle is real, and difficult, but in the end I know that I love my kids fiercely. And my kids know that they are loved. Which I suppose is the most important part at the end of the day. 



If you’ve been my friend on Facebook for longer than 6 months then you probably noticed that I was very active with my profile, and then basically disappeared sometime around the beginning of November. 

Since I’m not a douchebag, there were no posts explaining my lack of posts. And that’s not what this is either. This is more of a PSA. 

I have Facebook. I do not go on Facebook. 

The purpose of my Facebook is to keep up with my co-op shopping, and still have a way to keep in touch with a good portion of people that I have met in my life. Also to share my blog to a bigger audience! 

So just keep in mind, if you “like” my posts or comment on them, I probably won’t see it for a while. Feel free to comment on the blog itself though! I’m always happy to hear what you think!


I look fucking GOOD! 

Every now and then, I’m struck with a bit of confidence. 

And when I say every now and then what I really mean is all the fucking time. 

Some would call me an egomaniac, and you know what? It fits. I’ll admit it. 

But right now, I think everyone can appreciate how goddamn EPIC my hair is today. This is the Pinnacle of Good Hair Days! 

See what I mean?!

You may now return to your previously scheduled lives. 


Unbalanced in more way than one! 

It’s no secret that I’m more than a little neurotic about the cleanliness of our apartment. 

Pretty much every single one of my friends has told me more than once that they come to visit me, not the space ​I live in. My stress persists. 

Being back to work makes things a little more interesting; there are now roughly 5 hours less in which to accomplish all that needs to be done. 

Do I clean the bathrooms, or do I dance to Justin Timberlake with the kids in the living room? 


I wish I had the time. Maybe I’ll get better at this balancing act eventually. In the meantime, LETS DANCE! 


Going on the record

Lately there have been a few topics that I’d like to share, but that require some background. 

Most of that background is painful to think about, and it’s something that I have remained tight-lipped about. Ultimately though, if I’m going to be fair to myself and actually try and resolve these feelings, it’s something that needs to be shared. 

First off, there is someone who will be an important character that will NEVER be mentioned by name. She is The Maternal Unit. The Unit for short because I’m lazy, and she deserves as little of my time as possible. 

No tales will be told today; even saying that I’m going to kind of puts my stomach in knots. I have just one request: 


I have made a conscious decision to not have her in my life. This includes all aspects of it. Please respect my wishes.