Ridiculous songs in my head

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a catchy tune stuck in your head! …. You there in the back. Quit lying, you know it happens to everyone. 

Since it’s March break, Hunter has been watching a lot of cartoons; specifically Muppet Babies. The theme song​ for that show is SO 80’s and I love it. 

Adrian has also recently discovered a really neat Bluegrass cover of Rocket Man, and has been listening to it quite a bit. 

Each of these on their own is great, but for some reason my brain turns them into a mash-up. So for THREE DAYS I’ve been singing: 

🎵 Muppet Babies will make your dreams come true! Muppet Babies… I’m a Rocket Man! Rocket Man!!!! 🎵

Yes. It’s as awful in my head as it in in text. Share my pain. 



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