The Human body is WEIRD

Dorian has a cold right now. And a cold means a runny nose. In the case of my smallest man, it also means what I have dubbed “Iceberg Boogers”. 

Let me explain. 

You can notice that he needs to have his nose wiped, so you grab a tissue and try to nab the snot before it runs down into his little mouth, only for what you thought you knew to be shattered. Suddenly, there is way more mucous then you were prepared for and a baby​ who isn’t impressed with your actions. 

Hence the term “Iceberg Boogers”, because you can only see about 10% of what you’re in for. The tissue is like an ill-fated ship who has no idea what it’s up against until it’s too late. 

Yes, I just compared wiping my son’s nose to the sinking of the Titanic. Deal with it. 



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