I’m not the only ridiculous one around here!!!

I’ll admit, I’m pretty ridiculous. Generally speaking, that is. Compared to some, I’m downright boring. 

In our family, being strange (unique?) is considered normal, so here are a few examples of the crazy I have encountered so far today.

Adrian got out the bread, mustard, salami and cheese, then picked me up and placed me on the counter. He looked puzzled and expectant for a second before saying: “This isn’t working. Usually when I put all of these things together, I get a sandwich” 

I chuckled heartily at his loving mysoginy and went on with my day.

Hunter spent the day telling nonsense jokes, such as: “What did the big dragon say to the…give up? NOTHING because dragon’s can’t talk!!!!” 

And lastly, Dorian took my glasses. He put them somewhere he felt they were safe. Since he can’t talk, he couldn’t tell me this, so I put my contacts in. I found my glasses when I went to put my boots on to go to work. Thanks kid. 

Well. At least I’ll never be bored. 



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