Finding distractions

Sometimes the only real way you have to cope is to not cope at all, and just distract yourself. 

That’s what I’ve been doing the past two days. Friday taught me a valuable lesson: 

It is unwise to book back to back Psych appointments in the same day. 

My Counseling session was immediately following the appointment that Adrian and I went to about Hunter. 

I’ve been kind of a jumbled up mess of emotion since then. 

Last night, once I had stopped debating the merits of self-lobotomy as a result of a ridiculous headache, it seemed to be a good time to start working on some of the more tedious wedding tasks. Now I sit at my dining room table with a small box stuffed with monogrammed envelopes which will be turned into the favours

Hand Monogrammed by Moi on envelopes made from recycled craft paper

I also destroyed a 336 page book in less than 48 hours while making sure that my kids didn’t die. I am a goddamn superhero! 

Real life resumes tomorrow, but I’m very grateful for my much-needed distractions.



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