The hardest job in the world

If your job is easy, it’s likely also boring. 

Or it’s something that comes naturally to you. 

Either way, it’s not a phrase you hear very often. Most of us complain about how difficult our jobs are, and some people actually hate theirs; not me though! My outside-the-apartment job is pretty groovy. 

Being a Mom though, is fucking hard. 

You feel their pain. 

You struggle with them. 

You advocate for them. 

You lose sleep for them. 

You skip meals because you’re too busy monitoring a fever for one and scheduling appointments for the other. 

Your days are spent trying to conquer the never-ending​ mountain of laundry/dishes/picking up. 

It’s hard, but 100000000% worth it. My kids are an extension of myself, and coincidentally two of my favourite people. They each have their own look that sums up how much they love me, and my only hope is that I’m able to do right by them. 



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