Mental Health Book Delivery!

For Christmas, one of my besties gave me a gift card for Chapters and this week I actually used it! 

Last Friday at my counselling session she recommended a book to me called The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown, and since that gift card has been waiting for the right book, it seemed right. 

The book was quite inexpensive, and I figured that if part of the gift card was going to get spent, then all of the gift card should be spent! It makes perfect sense! Then you don’t have a partially used gift card in your wallet that you forget about/lose. 

This is when I remembered that Jenny Lawson just published a new book that is part-memoir-part-adult-colouring-book. It sounds amazing, RIGHT?! 

Obviously it had to be mine, so into the cart went You Are Here

After that, I had used the entire gift card and spent an extra $8. But that’s $8 for Mental Health, so fuck you, Guilt! 

Today my package arrived! 

I’ve read a dozen or so pages in TGoI and already am relating to it, and seeing how this has the potential to really be a big help in my life. 

Can’t wait to get really into both of them; this is going to be a good weekend! 


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