Family time! 

You may have noticed that I was unusually quiet this weekend! Or maybe you didn’t, and that’s cool too! 

We spent pretty much the entire weekend with various members our both families. 

Saturday started with a Potluck at my parent’s (this will all be explained one day) house, and both sides of that family were there! This meant a total of 9 kids, plus assorted adults, 4(?) cats, and a puppy. It was madness but I loved every second of it. We got there late; there wasn’t a lot of time with everyone there, but we got to at least see people and most of the family have met Dorian now! 

After the drive back to the city, we stopped for half a second at our place before going to visit Adrian’s father and his Uncle who were down from Ontario for the weekend. 

Yesterday, Hunter came home from his sleepover at his Nanny and Grumpy’s and shortly after that Adrian’s father and​ Uncle came over for a little visit so they got to see him while they were here as well! 

We went out for burgers for supper after that and just had a great weekend overall. 

It was so nice to have a weekend of nothing but family! As awful as The Unit is, I’m so grateful to have been welcomed so completely into the other families; if any of you are reading this, I love you.



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