Patience is a virtue

It’s also not typically my strong point.

Like, not even a little bit.

Lately though, and probably since our first visit with the Psychologist about Hunter, I seem to have a never-ending supply of it! 

It’s amazing! Hunter and I are doing things that I didn’t think we could do together because of how frustrated we both would get. A little bit of patience evidently goes a long way! 

Yesterday we built a Crazy Fort in his room, and then to get the blanket he wanted to cover it with, he folded and put away his laundry (his laundry was all on top of his bed, just in case that wasn’t obvious)! He was more engaged and focused than I’ve ever seen him. Now, with that being said, he was still all over the place and needed occasiinal reminders to stay on task, but he did do extremely well! 

I’m really not sure exactly what Adrian and I are doing differently, or if it can even be attributed to any one thing, but over the past week or so Hunter has been exceptional in the behavior department. At times he’s almost been a completely different kid. 

Allow me to elaborate on that last bit; Hunter inherited his Mama’s temper. 

It can get rough sometimes, but my newfound patience has been helping immeasurably. 

Who would have thought​? 



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