Sometimes you forget

As the boys get older I find myself trying to remember what Hunter was like at the age Dorian is now.

Case in point, yesterday we were at the park for the first time since Dorian learned how to walk.

I had forgotten how much fun it is the first time they’re able to navigate the playground themselves! At first he was tentative with walking on the stones, but after a few steps he was off and running, chasing after some kids who were a little bigger than him! He even played Peek-a-boo with a little girl he’d never met before! 

Meanwhile, Hunter and his friend were off in their own little world “hunting for Pokémon”.

Keeping track of both of them when they’re at such vastly different stages is exhausting but so much fun! When we’re outside, they don’t play together much, but Hunter did take some time out to go down the slide with Dorian yesterday. 

The smiles on both of their faces and the sound of their laughing makes me almost explode with happiness just thinking about it. I’m such a lucky Mom 💙



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