Not going crazy during holidays

Wanna know my secret to not going 100% guano-loco during any holiday? 

This may be hard for some people to grasp, so just try to keep an open mind. 


Don’t wanna deal with your kids running around like some sort of feral beasts because they’re so hopped up on sugar? Then don’t give them a mountain of fucking candy and expect them to use restraint. *Halloween is the obvious exception due to the whole door-to-door-scoring-candy aspect, but at least you can hide most of it once they go to bed*

Does your kid already have a room full of toys they don’t play with? Perhaps ease up on the unspoken social media competition and don’t buy so much shit. 

Don’t want to spend all day trapped in the kitchen cooking a feast and then all evening doing dishes? Then don’t. Have chicken nuggets and fries and go to the park instead. Your kids will probably enjoy that a lot more. 

I’m well aware that this post is probably going to piss some people off. Good. I don’t fucking care. If you don’t like what I have to say, then move along and go read something else. Maybe come back when I’m a little less ragey. 

This rant is fueled by a brief foray into my newsfeed today. 4 posts were enough for me to say “Fuck. This. Shit.” and go do something else. 




One thought on “Not going crazy during holidays

  1. Your comments are a breath of fresh air in a consumer-centric society…. I am frequently appalled how every minor holiday is being morphed into “Christmas-lite” which feasts, piles of gifts & more…. I saw posts on St Patrick’s Day about hunting for gold (chocolate) coins, building leprechaun traps – when did St Patrick’s Day become a kid’s day instead of adult drinking day?
    It all seems to have gone so far, so it is wonderful to hear from someone not buying into the hype.


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