Another day, another rant

I know I’ve been kinda ranty lately, but some things have been pissing me off too much to stay quiet. 

Here it comes. 


This applies to everyone, in all situations. Whether you’re working for money, as part of a trade, or volunteering your time, give it your all. 


There are some days when 2pm hits and I really don’t want to go to work, but I go and I give it 100%. Even if my mind wants to be elsewhere, from 5-9pm it’s work time, and the mind has no choice. Sure I goof off sometimes, but we all do that, and the vast majority of us make sure that work gets done first. 

It doesn’t just impact your own performance either, it affects those around you. If one person gets away with less than their best effort, more often than not, others will notice and not want to work as hard to match the efforts of their peers. I’ve seen it happen in more than one workplace.

Even if you hate your job, remember that your work is a direct reflection of the image you portray to the world. 

Just try folks, it won’t kill you. 



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