Why I hate feminism.

You may be wondering why I have such a hate on for Feminism. Or maybe you know, or perhaps you don’t give a fuck. Well, regardless I’m going to tell you what I think. 

Basically I have a problem with any kind of activism that pits one group against another and hides under a thin veil of hate. Why does it have to be like that? 

It doesn’t. 

Start acting as if things like gender, race, sexuality don’t make a difference. Because they don’t. If you don’t give the “differences” power then they have none. 

The world is a fucked up place, and the boys will learn that eventually, but I refuse to let other people’s prejudices and apparent activism tarnish their view on things. 

They’re being raised that girls can do anything boys can do and vice versa. They’re being raised that it doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you have a good heart. They’re being raised that it doesn’t matter who you love, rather how you love. 

According to someone on Twitter, this is disingenuous and irresponsible. I disagree. We aren’t pretending that these things don’t impact the world as a whole, but we’re trying to show our kids that there is a better way to see things. 



3-for-1 Special! 

My Megan is here today, and she bought my liquor! 

Also because variety is the spice of life, we got 3 different kinds of Vodka coolers! 

Snapple Spiked Peach Tea Vodka, Snapple Spiked RaspCherry Vodka, and Mike’s Hard Orange Cream Soda

A trifecta of deliciousness​
As something​different, and because I didn’t remember to post until after almost 2 tallboys, I’m going to interview Megan and get her opinion! 

R- So Megan, you’ve tried all three beverages, which one was your favourite, and why?

M- Well I like the RaspCherry one. It wasn’t carbonated, and so it was a little bit lighter than some other things. Also it was Raspberry, and Raspberry is delicious! 

R- Did you have a least favourite?

M- No, I liked them all

R- That’s not really an answer; are you moonlighting as a politician?

M- Ummmmm. Yupp. For reals yo. What kind of question is that? 

R- Just sayin’ that you didn’t​ really answer my question

M- I answered it just fine! Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go check the cheesecake!

I do mind actually. Except that I don’t, and can’t fucking wait for this delicious cheesecake. 



2 weeks later

What changes a week can bring! 

Some seeds didn’t sprout at all, some seedlings have found new homes (both figuratively and literally), and they’re all getting bigger! 

This is much more manageable

The count as it stands now is: 4 Green Beans (in the Terra Cotta pot), 4 of each Tomato variety, 7 Cucumber, 7 Carrots, 7 Lettuce and 4 BABY WATERMELON! 

I’m so excited! Soon it’ll be time to move some more plants into their permanent pots, but hopefully it’ll be warmer by then, since I absolutely do not have space in my kitchen for that!