2 weeks later

What changes a week can bring! 

Some seeds didn’t sprout at all, some seedlings have found new homes (both figuratively and literally), and they’re all getting bigger! 

This is much more manageable

The count as it stands now is: 4 Green Beans (in the Terra Cotta pot), 4 of each Tomato variety, 7 Cucumber, 7 Carrots, 7 Lettuce and 4 BABY WATERMELON! 

I’m so excited! Soon it’ll be time to move some more plants into their permanent pots, but hopefully it’ll be warmer by then, since I absolutely do not have space in my kitchen for that! 



After the planting: 1 week later

It’s been a whole week since I planted the seeds for the Balcony Garden, and I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that they are doing splendidly!!!

The peat pots are distributed as follows: 6 Baby Watermelon, 5 each of Bush Beefsteak Tomatoes and Bonny Best Tomatoes, and 9 each of Green Beans, Cucumbers, Carrots, and Buttercrunch Lettuce.

All of the Lettuce is sprouting, AND there are at least 3 different pots with sprouts for everything else except the Baby Watermelon; those I feel will take longer. 


To say that I’m excited is a bit of an understatement! This is the first time ever that I’ve successfully started anything like this on my own!!! *For the record the Avocado tree was a combined effort from the start* 

If you don’t know about that then here’s an off-topic tale for you: 
Adrian and I decided to try and grow an Avocado tree from an Avocado I bought from Sobeys. It seemed like an easy, yet interesting thing to do, but it’s been quite the experience! We started it about 3 years ago, and now it’s taller than Adrian! 

Gaze upon it in Wonder

I’ll keep posting weekly updates on the Balcony Garden, so start watching for that on Mondays!!! 


Gardening without a Green Thumb

Some people are good with plants, and some people aren’t. I fall into the latter category. Oftentimes it’s joked that I have a Brown Thumb, the exact opposite of the Green variety. 

Nevertheless, it’s been a few years since we had our balcony garden and I’m determined to be a big part of it this year!!! 

Starting with the seeds! We had a bunch of kinds from before, but I thought that we could mix it up a bit and add some new vegetables. This year we’re planting beans, carrots, cucumbers, buttercrunch lettuce, 2 kinds of tomatoes, baby watermelons and strawberries! Hopefully by the end of the summer we have a nice little harvest, because there is nothing like fresh vegetables that you grew yourself! 

I also bought some little peat pots to start the seeds in, some potting soil and plant food. Figuring out what to get was more difficult than you would think. 

Don’t forget, I’m not so good with plants. 

Hunter was excited to help at first; then he figured out that there’s more to gardening than he thought, and promptly peaced the fuck out. 

Thanks again, kid. This is all very reminiscent of the Egg House. 

Look at them all!!!

It took a while, but there are now​ 46 peat pots with seeds planted in them on our kitchen shelves!!! 

No joke, that is the most gardening I have ever done at once! 

Now we wait.